Episode 1: The Proposal 

James wants to be Scottish. Nicola Sturgeon is already married. So he knows marrying The Brexit Bride might be his only chance for that all important Scottsish passport. But does he have what it takes to be her perfect Scottish man?


Episode 2: The Bride’s Reply

Delighted with the possibility of matrimony The Brexit Bride responds to James’ proposal with a few important rules and regulations…which include meeting her parents and having a threesome with The Crankies (obviously.)


Episode 3: The Wedding!

With the good grace of article 50 it looks like the happy couple are getting married!! But is all as it seems? Was James really just after that passport? Will Brexit Bride get the porridge bath of her dreams?

And with lines like ‘when at last we are together, I will make you wear this leather’ and an awe-inspiring rap section you know it’s worth finding out…