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New Nationalism is Launched as Sturgeon’s Speech Goes Global


by Rachel Loughran

Why Theresa May is the J-Lo of Politics 

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by Rachel Loughran

Pop Culture and Politics: Exclusive Interview with Goldie Lookin’ Chain


by Rachel Loughran 

Was David Cameron ‘Really Good’ For The Country?


by Rachel Loughran

Want to stay in the EU? Then marry me by Harriet Mallinson for The Daily Mail

‘Brexit Bride’ Actress Offers Tempting Proposal To Nigel Farage for Political Scrapbook

STV Live at 5 Interview for STV by Jennifer Reoch and David Farrell

Pies, magic and bedroom prowess: Reluctant Brexiteers’ bids to win Scottish actor’s hand in marriage and #MakeMeScottish by Joe McGuire for The Scottish Herald

Glasgow born Rachel Loughran is offering a solution to concerned Remain voters by Ellie Cambridge for The Sun